Thanks For Your Support For Denise Haviland

I want to take a moment to thank the many friends, family and co-workers who helped make our October 1st Golf event and dinner a success.  This event is a big help to my Aunt Denise and we raised over $7,000 profit from the event to help her with her expenses as she battles stage 4 cancer.   Thank you!  Matt

Port Republic, NJ Ribbon Cutting On The New Town Hall Building 9/23/14

Port Republic Ribbon CuttingI was proud to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Port Republic, NJ town hall.  My home town of Port Republic is a small town with great historic past nestled along the Mullica River and Nacote Creek in Atlantic County NJ.  Around three years ago the existing city hall had to be demolished because of soil contamination.  Mayor Gary Giberson and town council chose to build a new building and found a way to build without any tax payer dollars!   Resident Clarence Hanselmann discovered that the soil in town was valuable soil.  When the parkway construction began they were able to lease vacant city owned land to a contractor who would use the soil to complete parkway construction.  These funds paid for most of the cost of the new town hall.  Please take a moment to watch the video with a few highlights and photos of the day.

Best wishes, Matt

P.S.  Do you have any fond memories of Port Republic?  What do you like best about Port Republic?  Please share your thoughts in a comment or send me a message.

What Makes Me Different?

What Makes Me Different?


Here’s a quick note to let you know how I can help you—or anyone you feel comfortable introducing me to.

All real estate agents are not created equal. The best agents invest considerable time and expense before, during, and after the transaction. Suppose a buyer makes an offer on a house, but has not yet met with a lender. An inexperienced listing agent might encourage the seller to accept the offer, tying up the property, only to discover that the buyer is not qualified. By taking the home off the market, momentum is lost and the result might be a 1% to 3% drop in sales price. A more experienced listing agent would demand proof before recommending accepting the offer. This is not a legal requirement, but a protective action to minimize risk. There are literally dozens of small and large decisions like this that protect a client and increase the likelihood of the deal closing. The value of this expertise is shared with clients in the form of a successful and profitable transaction.

If you, your friends, or neighbors are planning to sell their home, contact me to get top representation: 609-338-3773 or Ask for a copy of my report, How to Stop Spending Money on Rent and Own a Home Instead.

Matthew Haviland, Your Real Estate Consultant For Life Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Shore 609-484-9890 ext 132

P.S. Who do you know who’s thinking about selling their home? Please introduce us so I can discuss their situation and help them plan ahead.

Matt’s Home News September 2014

Here is my September Newsletter:  September Newsletter – Matt


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Sunset at Greentree Church, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Don’t Look Where You Don’t Want To Go

Are you familiar with the idea that we tend to attract more of what we focus on? Here’s a great story that perfectly illustrates this concept.

A man who was afraid of heights decided to conquer his fear by rappelling down the side of a steep cliff. A guide was on hand to help him, but as he stood on the edge of the cliff, the sight of the long drop and the rocks waiting for him down below made him freeze.

The guide gave him some simple advice: “Don’t look where you don’t want to go.” By this simple twist on familiar goal-setting advice (“look where you want to go”), the man was able to complete his descent.

The following Monday at work, the man remembered his mountaineering advice. He had been stressing about all the stuff he didn’t like about his work: his boss, his effectiveness, his job duties, some of his co-workers. He had been trying to create goals for himself, but they just made him feel anxious and incomplete.

After his climbing trip, he realized that he was overly focused on what he didn’t like about his workplace. So he resolved to not look at the things he didn’t like. He chose instead only to focus the entire day on what he liked.

The result? He found himself relaxing more, getting along with his boss better, and getting more done.

After reading this story, I spent the entire day reciting things I like about my work and the people I work with. I refused to look at my problems or shortcomings. Within minutes I felt great. Give it a try and see for yourself, and let me know what you think!


Matt Haviland
Your Real Estate Consultant For Life

P.S. If you’ve got a story to tell, you can reach me at or by calling me at 609-338-3773. 

USDA Financing Changes Areas Of Eligibility For Galloway Township and Egg Harbor Township, NJ

As of October 1st Egg Harbor Township will no longer be eligible for USDA 100% financing and parts of Galloway Township will no longer be eligible.  This popular loan program has allowed many home buyers in our area to buy with zero down payment.  The good news is there are other financing programs that will allow you to purchase with as low as 3.5% down payment.  My challenge to potential home buyers is to think differently and purchase with as much down as possible rather than purchase with as little down as possible.

If a home buyer were to purchase with 20% down they would often receive a lower interest rate, lower monthly fees, and of course lower mortgage amount.  This would allow them to pay off the house more quickly.   Now this thinking requires something unpopular… saving money!  Saving money can be done and a great resource I discovered to help with that is the Financial Peace University Course offered by Dave Ramsey.  This class will help you get in a mindset of saving and it also is a comprehensive financial education course that includes topics like insurance and investments.  I highly recommend it!  There is a class staring up locally at Fusion Church in Somers Point, NJ starting September.  You can find a class and register online at

Fusion Church – Financial Peace University Class

701 New Hampshire Avenue,Somers Point, NJ
Starts: Sep 23rd at 6:45pm

 Here is a link to changes in USDA eligible areas.   Eligible Areas Of Galloway Township Below:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.10.13 PM

Map Of Eligible areas of Galloway Township, NJ for USDA financing as of October, 2014.

Can You Help Us Help My Aunt Denise?

Final Golf Classic Flyer promoMy Aunt, Denise Stern Haviland, is fighting a brave battle against bone, lung and brain cancer.  To help her through this time our office is sponsoring a golf tournament and dinner to benefit her on October 1st.  Can you help?

Please consider coming to golf, coming to the dinner or becoming a sponsor.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  All the details are found online at

Thank you, Matt



Matt’s Home News August 2014


I want start off by saying thank you to my friends, family, neighbors and past clients for introducing me to the people they care about.  I’m blessed to have helped a great family sell their awesome home this week!  (see picture on the left).

Click Here to download or open our August Newsletter PDF August Newsletter – Matt

Great Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods

Here’s a comment I read online that got me thinking about my neighbors differently.

“I’ve had cause lately to examine my cultural prejudices. I’m not talking about international culture. I’m talking about family culture.

Family culture is about ‘the way we do things in our family.’ It’s the feeling we get when we go to someone else’s house for dinner for the first time, and it feels ‘foreign.’

Like most people, I measure other families to my own standards, and of course, my standards are always higher.  That’s what got me thinking about my cultural prejudices and wondering which families I’m judging because they do things differently. I’ve resolved to be friendlier and if the chance presents itself, to talk about our differences.

At the very least, this comment reminds us to look at our neighbors with more empathy, and to notice if we’ve pulled away from them because they’re too “different” from us. I believe that great neighbors make great neighborhoods, and we’re all charged with being great neighbors.


Matthew Haviland
Your Real Estate Consultant For Life

P.S. If you’ve got a story to tell, you can reach me at, or by calling me at 609-338-3773.

Matt’s Home News July 2014 Edition – Are You Listening?

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Are You Listening?

We’ve all heard that listening is the greatest compliment we can show to another person. Yet we are all constantly guilty of what Steven Covey called “autobiographical listening.” That’s listening with only half an ear, while in our heads we are busy preparing what to say next.

It is said that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US President, so despised this, that he devised a test. When a petitioner asked how he was doing, he would say, “I murdered my grandmother this morning.” Most of the time he got a noncommittal response, proving the other person was probably rehearsing what to say next. (Although, one person trumped him by saying, “I’m sure she had it coming to her.”)

In a world where our attention is constantly being demanded by electronic devices, it is an even greater compliment than ever before to pay attention to one another, to lift our faces out of our phones and be 100% present.

One way to practice the art of listening well is to do something called “Parrot Phrasing.” During conversations with family, co-workers, your boss, and friends, you occasionally say back to the person exactly what they said to you, switching only the pronouns. After parroting what they said, you can add a question or comment.

For example, if they say, “I’ve had a horrible run of luck at work lately.” You can say back, “You’ve had a horrible run of luck at work lately. What’s been happening?”
Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


Matthew Haviland
Your Real Estate Consultant For Life

P.S. If you’ve got a story to tell, you can reach me at, or by calling me at 609-338-3773.

P.P.S.  If you have not seen my post about our upcoming golf tournament please click here for details.  This year’s event is to benefit my Aunt Denise.  Please help.


This year’s event is to benefit my Aunt Denise who is facing stage 4 bone, lung and brain cancer.

The Annual 1,000 Smiles Golf Classic will be held on October 1st at the Mays Landing Country Club.

We are looking for Sponsors, Silent Auction Items, Donations, Golfers, and BBQ Dinner Attendees.

The easiest way to make a donation, purchase BBQ Tickets, register for a Golf Classic Sponsorship, and/or arrange a Foursome is to log on to the Golf Classic website.

Payment can be made directly on the website.

There is a special “Early Bird Rate” for golfers who register and pay before August 15th.

Please spread the word! Thank you.

Thank you, Matt