How To Sell Your House When You Already Have A Buyer

Over the years I’ve helped many clients sell their home when they already have a buyer lined up.  Typically I see this when a family member wants to sell a home to another family member.  You may not need the full services of a Realtor however you need help with paperwork and making sure things are done correctly and in a timely manner.  Many of my clients also wish to not have the liability risk that many For Sale By Owners Face.

I recently helped Amie purchase a home from her family.

I recently helped Amie purchase a home from her family.

One of the services I provide is as a Transaction Broker.  In NJ a transaction broker doesn’t represent either side and helps in the transaction.  For a small flat fee I can help with paperwork and guide you through the home selling and buying process.  I’ll also give you access to my services directory with reliable vendors to help you where needed.

Remember when you have a home to sell and have a buyer already call me and let me help guide you safely though the home selling process.  Best wishes,


P.S.  If you or someone you know is selling a home and may need my help.  Please call me now at 609-338-3773.