How to Qualify for Government Grants to Buy a House

Government grants are an excellent resource of funding for buying a home, especially as grants, unlike loans, don’t need to be paid back. In getting a grant there’s a process to follow and qualifications to meet. With the various programs available there’s a chance you could be able to take advantage of a grant to help get you into your own home.

How to qualify for government grants to buy a house?

First you need to know what types of grants are available. There are some which will help lower the overall mortgage of a home while others help towards down payments and home improvements to be done after you move in. Here’s a list of some resources for grants worth looking into:

New Jersey HMFA Down Payment Assistance Program– Qualified buyers can get up to $10,000 to put towards a down payment on a house.

Teacher Next Door -A resource for public employees to get assistance- teachers, peace officers, firefighters, nurses and others- this site has helpful information for all public working sectors.

USDA Rural Development– There are a variety of grants available based on specified areas targeted for revitalization.

VA Grants for Disabled Veterans– These grants not only help vets get into home but also to modify a house as needed for comfortable living.

Second you need to review the application process carefully, within this information you’ll find the specific qualifications which are needed to be able to apply for a government grant to buy a house. Often there are income limits, or you need to be part of a specific demographic such as being a military veteran, and you may need to be willing to live in certain areas. This is the case with USDA home loan grants which aim to revitalize rural communities with new home owners moving in.

Other qualifications may include a specified work history or minimum credit score. If you don’t meet these qualifications you may need wait a bit longer, until you’ve been at your job for the minimum amount f time or can get your credit score improved enough.

If this is you, don’t stress, just take the time and steps needed to get yourself where you need to be. Staying with one employer for the long-term and having a good credit score reflects how stable and responsibility you are, which is necessary for successful home ownership.

The best way to take advantage of government grants to buy a home is to plan for it and then take action once you’re ready. When it’s time to buy a home, work with a Realtor® whose expertise can help you find solutions whatever your real estate needs may be. Get the conversation started with Matt Haviland, give him a call today at 609-338-3773 or send him an e-mailThe Haviland Group and Keller Williams Realty are ready to share their expertise and care for all your real estate needs.