How to Wake Up Feeling More Refreshed

Matt's Home News January 2017

  • Most of us have experienced bouts of insomnia that make it difficult to get up in the morning. But for some people, waking up throughout the night is a continuous problem. Here are a few suggestions for improving your sleep and giving yourself more energy in the morning:

    1. Shut off all electronics at least one hour before bed. Studies have shown that electronics keep the mind active longer than other forms of mental stimulation.
    2. Do a sleep hygiene assessment on your home.  Do you have blackout drapes?  Are all LED and other small lights turned off or covered? Do you have a source of white noise, like a fan? Is your pillow and bedding comfortable? Do you need a new mattress?

      First snow day of 2017

    3. Exercise vigorously during the day, but not within two hours of bedtime. Take a walk after dinner to help with digestion, which can also keep you somewhat awake.
    4. Don’t load up on carbohydrates at or after dinner. Digesting carbohydrates tends to spike the energy in your body.
    5. Sit up and read a book in bed until you start to feel sleepy.  Don’t push past the sleepiness. Instead, put the book down and turn off the light.
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Fake It ‘til You Make It



A friend of mine once said that the way you become good at something in life is by faking your
way through it the first few times, until you learn how to do it without faking. That makes sense.
Even as adults, there are many first times…a first time you run a meeting at work, a first
networking event, a first sale, a first party in your home, etc.
In many of life’s public situations, you don’t want to look new and green; it’s embarrassing, and
messing up could prove costly. Even if you explain that it’s your first time and ask others to cut
you a little slack, there are still plenty of first, second, third times that you’ll just need to push on.
Fortunately, most people are willing to accord you with the authority you are taking on. If you’re
running the meeting, you are probably the right person to run the meeting. If you’re making the
sale, you’re probably the person with the knowledge to help them make a decision. If you’re at a
networking event, you probably have something to contribute. And, nervous as you might be
that no one will show up, if you throw the party just the way the experts say to do it, you’ll
probably have a great crowd.
People tend to expect that you belong in the role you are taking on at any given moment. Once
you know that, you can be powerful in just about any new endeavor. If you don’t let on—by
apologizing, hiding out, or calling attention to your own mistakes—then they probably will never
realize it either. If you step into the role you’re taking on, almost as an actor, and pretend to be
experienced at it, they’ll go right along with you.
It may feel like you’re faking it the first few times, but eventually you realize you’re not faking it
anymore, because you’ve made it!
Matt Haviland
Your Real Estate Consultant For Life
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