Giving flowers? Know the messages they send.


My wife’s favorite: Sunflowers!

Here are a few to keep in mind. Whether you’re buying flowers to brighten a summer table or special night out, remember that flowers have special meanings. Here are a few to keep in mind:

• Carnation: constancy, joy
• Chrysanthemum: optimism, hope, happiness • Daisy: purity, loyalty, innocence
• Freesia: trust
• Gladiola: remembrance
• Iris: faith, wisdom, promise
• Larkspur: appreciation
• Lily: devotion
• Orchid: love, beauty
• Rose (pink): sweetness
• Rose (red): true love, desire
• Rose (white): true love, purity
• Rose (yellow): friendship
• Snapdragon: virtue
• Tulip: love at first sight

May this guide help you match your intentions with the spirit of the occasion to create a truly impact gift and a memorable celebration.


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