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You, like many others, may be tempted to use so-called “credit repair” companies to help you with your credit troubles. For years, credit repair counselors, credit doctors, and credit attorneys have claimed that they can “increase your scores in 30-60 days,” or “delete any derogatory information from your credit report.” They will dispute all derogatory credit information on your credit profile with the 3 credit bureaus on your behalf. We call this the “Write and Pray” method, write and pray the problem will go away. Frivolous disputes are recorded by the bureaus and can have a negative effect limiting your ability to properly resolve items.

Do not be fooled! What you may, or may not already know is that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CREDIT REPAIR! Do not use companies that claim they can “legally remove” items, or “delete” valid, verifiable information from a credit report. If they can really do what they claim, no one would have bad credit.

Bottom line – you now have the fire power and knowledge to choose the right company to help you with the largest life affecting aspect YOUR CREDIT.

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