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House Hunt Happily

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Somers Point, NJ Sunset

Somers Point, NJ Sunset

Buying a home starts with looking at homes. While some buyers find their dream home right away, others see 100 homes before finding one they love. Home buyers who search for months can get burned out, even give up. So, for buyers who are about to start house-hunting, here are three tips to help you stay cool:

First, partner with a good real estate consultant, like me, who will preview homes to help you trim your list before getting in the car. Second, do drive-bys. You can narrow the list of homes to visit by first seeing neighborhood circumstances, yard features, home condition, etc. Finally, stay within your price range. Going to homes you can’t afford wastes time and calibrates your expectations too high for your price point.

If you or someone you know is starting to house hunt, contact me at 609-338-3773. Also get a copy of my report, How to Stop Spending Money on Rent and Own a Home Instead.

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