How Does Someone Create a More Interesting Life?

I was reading a blog post that asked people how they would define an “interesting life” for themselves. After reading the responses, I thought I’d share one with you that I particularly liked.

Having an interesting life doesn’t mean it has to be interesting to anyone else. It also doesn’t mean you have to do the typical things most people associate with being interesting, such as travel.

Beach-at-sunsetThe definition of the word interesting, in application to life, is different to everyone.

I have done things such as swim with dolphins, ride a horse along the beach, rappel down a steep cliff, star in high school plays, have my picture in the newspaper, ride home on the first train of morning because I missed the last train the night before, roll around in a large plastic ball on water, walk on stilts for a circus company, teach a college course, sew my own clothing, make actual useful things in woodshop, and more. The list of random things goes on and on.

Are these things going to make me famous? No. Are they exciting enough to make a book out of? Probably not. Do you think any of those things are interesting at all? I have no idea. But I feel I’ve had an interesting and meaningful life so far.

Sometimes what we think of as interesting is some external idealized life. But if you listed all the things you’ve done in your life, I’ll bet you’d have a fairly long list of things that you found interesting at the time, and even more so in hindsight. From that list, you may find yourself feeling motivated to do something a little different to recapture that feeling of doing something interesting. Go for it!


Matt Haviland
Your Real Estate Consultant For Life

P.S. I’m amazed at the interesting things people have done with their lives. Next time we talk, I may just ask you about some of the interesting things you’ve done. You can always reach me at: 609-338-3773.

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