Last Year More People Struggled to Rent an Apartment than Ever Before

Here is a quick note to let you know how I can help you or the person you feel comfortable introducing me to.

Not long ago I heard a story on the news that more young people are renting apartments or staying at their parent’s homes longer than ever before. What that tells us is that young people may be forcing themselves to become long-term tenants. At the same time, high-demand and competition cause rent prices to soar, while a mortgage stays predictable and constant.

Competing with other renters to pay off someone else’s mortgage is not what we want for our friends and family.

So next time you’re talking with a friend, family member or neighbor and they tell you they feel they’re wasting money on rent, take out your phone, look up my number and call or text me immediately. I belong to a national network of Realtors and lenders, and I can help make their dreams of owning their first home a reality!

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