What Makes Me Different?

What Makes Me Different?


Here’s a quick note to let you know how I can help you—or anyone you feel comfortable introducing me to.

All real estate agents are not created equal. The best agents invest considerable time and expense before, during, and after the transaction. Suppose a buyer makes an offer on a house, but has not yet met with a lender. An inexperienced listing agent might encourage the seller to accept the offer, tying up the property, only to discover that the buyer is not qualified. By taking the home off the market, momentum is lost and the result might be a 1% to 3% drop in sales price. A more experienced listing agent would demand proof before recommending accepting the offer. This is not a legal requirement, but a protective action to minimize risk. There are literally dozens of small and large decisions like this that protect a client and increase the likelihood of the deal closing. The value of this expertise is shared with clients in the form of a successful and profitable transaction.

If you, your friends, or neighbors are planning to sell their home, contact me to get top representation: 609-338-3773 or matt@sjhouses.com. Ask for a copy of my report, How to Stop Spending Money on Rent and Own a Home Instead.

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P.S. Who do you know who’s thinking about selling their home? Please introduce us so I can discuss their situation and help them plan ahead.

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