Defy the Odds

Did you know that bumblebees shouldn’t fly? We all know they do fly, but according to every law of physics, this should be an impossible feat. Their lack of wing span capacity and flapping speed should make it incapable of taking flight. Yet they do.

FB_BumbleBeeIt’s a phenomenon of nature that asks us to rethink what’s possible in the world. If the bumblebee is able to defy laws of aerodynamics, what more could we do if we brush aside “rules” that hold us back?
Would you choose another career or pursue an unthinkable dream if you had no obstacles in the way? Our biggest hurdle is often our own mind, stopping us with self-doubt, fear, or a belief in rules that just don’t apply.
Defying the odds begins with a dream and gets wings when we leave the doubts and fears behind. How will you defy the odds in your life?

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