Slow Down With A Good Book

When was the last time you curled up to a good book? Not a business book. Or a self- improvement guide. Or a diet and exercise manual. But a truly interesting novel or gripping sci-fi story?

It seems like with the hectic pace of today’s world, the simplicity of slowing down and unwinding with a good book has been lost for many of us. We escape our harried lives by binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix, scrolling through Facebook on our smartphones, or going to the movies.

Young girl turning page in a coffee shopWhat if you took up a good book and worked your way through it just once a month? Reading is a great way to add more “me” time to your day. And the best part is that this can happen any time of day. Set a relaxing tone by reading in the morning, or read before bed to help calm and relax your mind for a good night’s sleep. What book are you going to pick up?


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